Nine out of ten caterpillars never make it to become an adult butterfly.  The way to a healthy butterfly is by having healthy caterpillars. Yes, you can raise and nurture the caterpillars that you find in your gardens by using some very simple methods.  That is why we are so excited here at because butterfly rearing expert Todd Stout has allowed us to share his years of gathered caterpillar rearing wisdom with you. 

The beauty of Todd’s system is that you do not need expensive scientific equipment.  You probably have what you need in your basement or garage.  Don’t have what you need?  Don’t worry, Todd provides the necessary equipment through our Nature Store or right through his website. He has every thing you’ll need to take your passion to the next level.  So visit Todd’s site at and get started today.

Eventually you won’t have to feel bad because there aren’t as many butterflies in your garden as there use to be. Because of your new found skills every time you see a butterfly fluttering in your garden you can sit back, smile, and think to yourself, that little guy just may be one of my babies.

Todd has been long respected in both the scientific and academic community for his amazing rearing abilities. His credentials include the following:

Visit Todd’s site at and get started today!